At Maison Éclat, we present you with a personally curated selection of the most impressive Maisons in the Champagne region. We also prove to you that quality doesn't always have to be expensive.

So that champagne does not remain just an abstract, but a sparkling and stimulating experience, we regularly visit our winegrowers and periodically organise champagne tastings and events in order to also give a face to those lesser known domaines.

This is Maison Éclat

We are champagne freaks and would like to share this penchant with you here!

Now and then we are asked why champagne plays such an important role to us: Champagne is the perfect companion in many situations, be it to celebrate a party, a special moment or as a gift for good friends. It's not only the terroir and the grapes that refine this wine, but first and foremost the passion of the people who make it. This is the essence that makes every drop such a unique experience.

One might conclude that all this is just completely snobbish, but let's regard this drink less elitist by not only keeping it for the special moments, but also simply enjoying and appreciating it as a refreshment or as a wine accompanying a delicious meal.

"I only drink champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not." Coco Chanel