A single personality, a single varietal, a single vineyard and a single "Burgundy-style" philosophy

J. Coessens
J. Coessens
Region: Ville-sur-Arce, Côte des Bar
Annual production: approx. 25,000 bottles
Size: 6 hectares
Grapes: Pinot Noir

Jérôme Coessens concocts 8 different wines of unique geological purity born from a single terroir, a single micro-climate, a single vineyard belonging to the Coessens family, a single varietal: Pinot Noir, a single vintage and a single "Burgundy-style" philosophy.

The character of Coessens champagne can be summed up in one word: Exclusive! The soil in that small plot named Largillier is a combination of clay and limestone, a type called Kimmeridgian Marl No. 2. It's actually quite poor soil that provides little nourishment for the vines, but that, in turn, promotes excellent maturity in the grapes and gives them all the potential for truly great wines, with a taste that's pure and that speaks of its terroir.

Coessens extracts the unadulterated expression of the soil, which, with its exposure and down to the smallest detail, is almost exactly the same as in the very best sites in Chablis. After several years of working on this "monopoly", Jérôme realized that Largillier always produces 4 types of wine. They come from 4 sub-plots, each named after its characteristic flavor: Mineral, Fruit, Flower and Substance.

Only the oldest vines are selected, whose roots reach deep into the soil, where they can absorb all the necessary elements to produce grapes that allow us to experience the unique character of the terroir. Coessens strives to produce wines that reveal all the richness of a rare and outstanding terroir.

A terroir that, combined with the patience and rigor of the winemaker, produces complex wines with a strong personality, with a pronounced fruity and mineral character, but which never betray their origin. The annual production is very small and the bottles are difficult to find. Maison Éclat is one of the few places where you might be able to get your hands on a bottle or two...