Ratafia Champenois

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Producer: Augustin Champagne
100% Pinot Noir
Alcohol content: 18
Serving temperature: 8-9 degrees
Production: Demeter / Biodynamic

Flavour: very fruity, nutty and full-bodied, delicious scent of candied fruits like quince, apricot and pickled cherries, but also roasted hazelnuts and honey. The taste is rich and sweet, but not oppressive.

Our Augustin Ratafia is made from Pinot Noir and a blend of Marc de Champagne (brandy obtained from the residue of grape pressing, also called "eau de vie") and Fine Champagne (brandy made from at least 50% Grand Champagne and the rest Petite Champagne). The must was macerated for two more days, which gives it the lovely ruby red colour. Aged in oak barrels and is unfiltered.
Our top favourite and perfect to enjoy as an aperitif or digestive.

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