Champagne is offered in various bottle sizes. The standard size is the 0.75 litre bottle. The size of the bottle plays an essential role in the ageing and maturing process of the champagne. The same cuvée usually tastes more harmonious from the magnum bottle than from the standard bottle, and it also matures better afterwards. Even larger formats, on the other hand, no longer offer any advantage, as the wine has not necessarily been fermented in this very bottle for practical reasons.

  • 0,2l quart
  • 0,375l Demi
  • 0,75l Standard
  • 1,5l Magnum
  • 3l Jeroboam or double magnum
  • 4,5l Rehoboam
  • 6l Methuselah or Imperiale
  • 9l Salmanazar or Salmanasar
  • 12l Balthazar or Balthasar
  • 15l Nebuchadnezzar
  • 18l Melchior or Goliath
  • 25l-26l Souverain or Sovereign
  • 27l primate
  • 30l Melchisedech or Midas

The usual commercial sizes are demi to double magnum. The production of bottles with 6 liters or more capacity is very complex and cost-intensive and therefore only very limited available.

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