Champagne shower

If you have to, you can splash champagne instead of drinking it. Apparently it does...

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Champagne & crown corks

The cork of a Champagne bottle, like all corks, has an elongated cylindrical shape to begin with. The well-known mushroom shape...

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Bottle sizes

Champagne is offered in various bottle sizes. The size plays an essential role in the ageing and maturing process of the...

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Homo Bulla

We're just a bubble that rises and bursts! It is the time of the baroque, the time of the vanitas pictures with skulls...

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Champagne bottles should be stored lying down and not in the refrigerator, so that the natural cork remains moist and closed...

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«Sabrage», or sabering, a rather impressive way to open a Champagne bottle, has its origins...

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Serving the champagne

In order for the aromas in the champagne to develop properly, it must not be too cold. Ideally, the temperature should be...

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