Solera / Réserve perpétuelle

The fresh wines of the last vintage are "brought up" by the older wines
"educated" and take on the mature qualities of the...

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Champagne & crown corks

The cork of a Champagne bottle, like all corks, has an elongated cylindrical shape to begin with. The well-known mushroom shape...

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Disgorging / dégorgement

«Disgorgement» is the process of removing the yeast deposit created during the 2nd fermentation from the neck of the bottle....

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The wine and sugar solution added to champagne before final corking is called dosage....

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History of champagne

According to legend, the Benedictine monk Pierre Pérignon (1638-1715), known as Dom Pérignon, is credited with inventing the "Méthode...

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First (1.) fermentation

After pressing, the grape must is usually fermented in large steel tanks or oak barrels, where the resulting CO2...

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Second (2.) fermentation

The noble creation of the «assemblage» is bottled in Champagne bottles and provided with the so-called «liqueur de tirage»...

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Méthode Champenoise

The «Méthode Champenoise» includes the 1st and the 2nd fermentation, whereby the 2nd fermentation always takes place in tightly closed bottles...

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The pearl-shaped bubbles are an important indicator of the quality of champagne and give it that touch of magic....

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