The «Méthode Champenoise» (or «Méthode Traditionelle», traditional method) includes the 1st and precisely the champagne-typical 2nd fermentation inside the bottle. A single, uninterrupted vinification of the still wines in tanks, barrels or vats, would not allow the desired pressure to be maintained or controlled.

After an ageing period decided on by the winemaker, ranging from a few months to several years, the still wine is bottled. In the Champagne a part of this wine is used for the tirage liqueurs and the dosage. A small amount of the same wine, along with a dose of sugar and yeast, is added to each bottle. These new yeasts then convert the added sugar into alcohol during the 2nd fermentation and the resulting CO2 remains trapped in the bottle, which is responsible for the bubbling and effervescence of the champagne, once the cork is removed.

With the removal of the residue (at the «dégorgage») and the addition of the «shipping dosage», the magic and enchantment of the traditional method is complete.

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