Blanc de Blancs

«Blanc de Blancs» are made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes and are not only rarer...

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Blanc de Noirs

«A white from black grapes» is more powerful and complex, but just as elegant, as a Blanc of the Blancs....

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Cuvée is a designation for the quality of the wine obtained from the very first, very gentle pressing of the grapes...

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Grape varieties

For the production of champagne, 7 grape varieties are permitted, of which mainly 3 are used...

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Rosé & Saignée

Rosé champagne is the blending of white and red champagne base wines by «assemblage», but it can also be done differently...

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Vintage / non-vintage

A vintage champagne is only produced in vintages where the grapes are of particularly high quality...

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Zero Dosage

The Zero Dosage designation (Brut Nature or Pas Dosé) is listed for Champagnes whose residual sugar content is less than 3g...

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