We are only a bubble that rises and bursts! It is the time of the baroque, the time of vanitas pictures with skulls, withered flowers and rising bubbles, which are clear in their message: man is transient! Nothing remains. But, instead of breaking down at this insight, this epoch throws itself into a frenzy of the senses. At the time of the Baroque - the word comes from «barroco», the term for a not quite round pearl - Dom Pérignon (1638 - 1715), a contemporary of Louis XIV, also lived.

Champagne is therefore the drink of drinks, the king of wines. The wine in its highest perfection, because it possesses all of its merits without having a single one of its defects. The production is all the more elaborate, because champagne must be cared for every day: Foaming, storing, turning, shaking, mixing again. All this makes champagne a consummate art product. And its bubbles ironically rise for the first time just in the century when Newton established the law of gravity.

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