Duval Noir d'Eulalie Extra Brut

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100% Pinot Noir
Dosage : Extra Brut (3 g/l)
James Suckling : 93/100
Gerhard Eichelmann : 90/100

Flavour: The first nose expresses the land and marine origin of our terroir, evoking notes of iodine and smoky limestone, relayed by scents of violet, with some accents of exotic pepper. The aeration of the Champagne adds to the pleasure notes of blackcurrant, cherry, pomelo, blackberry, with some subtle woody accents reminiscent of toast.

The first contact on the palate is rich and fresh, with a creamy and melted effervescence. The Champagne develops a pulpy and full-bodied fruity substance, underlined by an acidity of grapefruit and fleshy fruits, integrated. The mid-palate is orchestrated by a chalky-marly minerality which confers fruity volume with a certain gluttony, iodized salinity and length on the palate. The juicy finish relays a general harmony with a limestone and saline freshness that resonates in the palate.

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Blanc, Blanc de Noirs


Bouteille (75cl), Magnum (150cl)


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